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Ricardo & Rosa Cantu  
Owner and founders of R&R Trucking Inc.

Our Children
The Future of R & R

Thank you for considering  R & R Trucking Inc.,  and the interest to transport your product.

We have enjoyed managing, operating and overseeing our own business as well as working with other entities associated
with us.  We have experience in the interstate long haul refrigerated and intrastate local open top transportation, and have
acquired the necessary contacts to advance R&R Trucking Inc to the level of performance seen over the years. 
In 2005 we
incorporated our current company known as "R & R Trucking Inc", working long hour we have managed and maintained
R & R Trucking Inc. to become a successful business.

In 2007 we expanded our business out of our home and moved into our present location, our main office in Pasco, WA. We
then started transporting produce throughout the eleven western states and Texas.

By February 2009 we had grown  our interstate business to the point that we found the need divide our company.  That's
when we set up "R & R AG Inc" leaving the interstate as R & R Trucking Inc

Our companies continued to grow in the right directions. In October 2011 we started "R & R Trucking Logistics.  We brought
aboard our carrier partners so that we could keep up with the demand of our customers.

2012 was a busy year for us. In June we opened our office in Vancouver BC, building new customer relationships and carrier
partnerships. A month later our Maintenance shop was finally completed and open for service. The shop not only maintains
and assist our own trucks but its also open to service our carrier partners.

We continue to expand and a look forward to new customer relationships.  Our newest expansion came earlier this year in
May 2013 when we added our cross dock facility and extended our transportation authority into Canada.

There's still a very long road ahead for us and we look forward to it, because "Driving Your Business is Our Business" .